What radio station is Timberwolves playing on?



The Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Memphis Grizzlies in the first game on the road. Although you can watch the game on ESPN, what radio station is the Timberwolves game broadcast on?

Minnesota defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, causing a statewide celebration for a franchise that hasn’t had much impact in the NBA for over a decade. And if they did, it’s the wrong kind of impact.

Still, this group, made up of D’Angelo Russell, Anthony Edwards, Patrick Beverley and Karl-Anthony Towns as the core, is better than it looks on paper. Even with a healthy Paul George, Minnesota pulled off a memorable comeback against Los Angeles.

What radio station is Timberwolves playing on?

The Minnesota game can be heard on 830 WCCO in the Minneapolis area. It is also available on TV locally through Bally Sports and nationally on ESPN. There’s something special about listening to the game on local radio, though, and fans seem to be searching for this article as I write.

The Wolves come into this series strong, while the Grizzlies introduce a true gaming superstar in Ja Morant. The Murray State product could be one of the faces of the Association one day, assuming his point guard abilities continue to grow.

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