What happened to ESPN’s 103.3 FM Dallas radio station?



ESPN’s 103.3 FM listeners in Dallas, Texas were confused when they listened to the radio station recently.

The train station came to life in 2001 as an ESPN-Disney owned and operated property. The two companies owned and operated the station until 2013.

Everything changed in 2020 and two years later now, listeners are finally seeing the changes in action.

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What happened to ESPN’s 103.3 FM Dallas radio station?

ESPN’s 103.3 FM has become a religious radio station now. Therefore, many listeners who have tuned in recently have heard Christian songs playing on the station.

In August 2013, a company named Cumulus has reached an agreement with ESPN and also signed an LMA with Disney, which gave them control of the station.

ESPN successfully operated under these terms until 2020, when Cumulus ceased all control over programming in Dallas.

Now, two years later, Dallas 103.3 FM has switched to Christian content after Disney sold to the ministry of VCY America in December 2021.

The evangelical organization reportedly owns and operates 31 stations across the country.

Radio listeners react to change

Fans who tuned into their favorite radio station for sports content were left in awe. Here’s how some of them reacted on Twitter…

“1 more Christian station to add to the already gazillion on terrestrial radio!” a frustrated user wrote.

“It’s good that Christians finally have a voice,” wrote another user.

“Well, I hope Jesus helps the sports teams in Dallas,” joked a third listener.

Learn more about VCY America

Voice of Christian Youth America, also known as VCY America, is a traditional evangelical ministry situated at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They own several radio stations that broadcast Christian teachings and music. VCY was formerly part of national organization YFC but they left in 1973.

Here are some of their programs through the radio stations.

Crosstalkhosted by Jim Schneider
worldview weekend hosted by Brannon Howse
Thanks to you with John MacArthur
In touch with Charles Stanley
Love is worth finding with Adrian Rogers

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