Want to be an amateur broadcaster? here is your chance


Pahrump Amateur Radio Repeater Association (PARRA), an amateur radio event will be held at the Calvada Eye in Pahrump from 10am on Saturday June 25th.

The event organizers invite the public to attend and learn more about amateur radio and what it involves.

Amateur radio operators, or “hams”, provide backup communications when conventional methods are inadequate or completely fail due to an emergency. They relay information from a wide variety of sources, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the International Space Station, Search and Rescue and others.

This event will demonstrate to area residents what hams are capable of on short notice. PARRA said it operated until around 8 p.m. Saturday. The event will take place on Sunday morning until 10 a.m.

Radio amateurs will join thousands of other amateur radio operators across the United States on what is called “Field Day”. This annual event is the culmination of Amateur Radio Week, which began on Monday, June 20.

Field Day is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League, the national association of radio amateurs.

More than 35,000 amateur radio operators across the country participated in last year’s Field Day event, according to the PARRA release.

“Since the earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes in the Midwest, amateur radio has provided the most reliable communication networks in the critical early hours of events,” the ARRL media officer said. “Because amateur radios don’t depend on the internet, cell towers or other infrastructure, they operate when nothing else is available. We don’t need anything between us but air.

During the event in Pahrump, area residents and other attendees will have the chance to speak with Pahrump ham radio operators and get on the air if desired.

They will find out what the amateur radio service is.

The public is invited to come see the capabilities of amateur radio and learn how to obtain an FCC radio license. As the world grows, so does amateur radio, which has over 4,700 licenses in Nevada, 700,000 licensees in the United States, and over 2.5 million worldwide.

The ARRL’s Amateur Radio Emergency Services program provides both emergency communications for state and local emergency response agencies as well as non-emergency community services free of charge.

For more information on PARRA, you can contact Gary Bechtold at KI4VLH@gmail.com

To learn more about amateur radio, go to www.arrl.net

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