Toronto’s Flow 93.5 radio station has found a new home, but listeners are complaining


Toronto hip-hop fans are still reeling from the ongoing changes at Flow 93.5, one of the city’s most iconic radio stations that has abruptly changed frequencies after 21 years thanks to a new merger with G 98.7.

Anyone tuning into 93.5 FM while waiting for their usual hosts and songs will now listen to Today Radio instead, while Flow has been moved to 98.7 FM.

It’s not just the station that’s changing either – the ‘all new’ rebranded Flow is proving to be a very different iteration of what it was before, notably without much of the staffing and programming it was for. was known, which listeners are obviously upset about.

Although Flow says in a post on his website that it plans to “continue to be Toronto’s hip hop and R&B station” in its new home, she adds that the station has been “reinvented” to bring together the best of Flow and G 98.7.

This will inevitably mean a change in the music played to now include an expanded list of “various genres including, but not limited to, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, soca and reggae”.

Well-known DJs and hosts such as Devo Brown, Dr. Jay, Spex, Peter Kash and Blake Carter also disappeared, as did HipHopCanada programming like Megacity Countdown and The Real Frequency.

Besides the obvious losses, another new issue has surfaced since the February 14 change: the fact that channel 98.7 doesn’t seem to offer nearly the same listening experience as 93.5.

One video in particular shared by a 6ixdriptv listener shows how bad the sound quality is on 98.7, especially compared to the new 93.5 (which was hilariously playing Nickelback at the time of the clip).

“If you’re from Toronto, then you’ll know Flow 93.5, which was that station…” the original poster reads before turning up the volume on what is now Today Radio.

“That seems clear, doesn’t it?” she specifies, before switching to the new Flow.

“[It] has now risen to 98.7. It’s Flow 93.5, aka 98.7, that’s how it sounds,” she continues, increasing the volume even more on this last frequency.

In the footage, the music seems much more muffled, blurry, unclear and quiet, prompting him to ask, “How good does that sound?”

Many have posted comments claiming to have experienced the same issue, with some complaining of even completely losing signal when driving in certain parts of the city, in addition to all the other reasons they oppose the merger. .

“Not to mention they fired everyone,” one person aptly adds.

“Flow 93.5’s music has turned into trash since they changed stations,” another chime said.

Still others note that 98.7 has always seemed less than ideal, which is unfortunate for fans trying to stay dedicated to the Flow brand, which is now owned by G – who for some reason chose to not keeping Flow’s most beloved staff.

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