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Fort Herkimer Amateur Radio Association, Inc. Education Committee Chairman Chris Bouck, amateur radio call sign KB4CMF, announces that the association will teach an entry-level technician license course from September 12 through September 12 December 2022. Classes are scheduled to be taught at the German Flatts Town Building on Route 5S adjacent to the Old Fort Herkimer Church between Herkimer and Little Falls. Classes will take place every Tuesday evening for 13 weeks. Classes will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Classes will not meet if a Tuesday is a public holiday or if the weather is bad that day.

The cost of the course is $40.00 and includes the book. Instructors can order the book from the ARRL at cost – which is usually less than the retail price. The class is open to all ages. Each student will receive the book “The Amateur Radio License Handbook – Everything You Need to Get Your First Amateur Radio License!” published by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) 5th Edition. If students already have the book, the price of the book will be deducted from the fees. Topics include; welcome to amateur radio, basics of radio and electronics, operating station equipment, communicating with other radio amateurs, rules and regulations of the Federal Communication Commission, operation of an amateur radio station, radio wave propagation, antennas and transmission lines, repeaters, radio safety and many useful tips and tricks. The book is easy to understand and has “bite-sized” sections. It includes the latest pool of questions with an answer key. It is designed for self-study or classroom use and now includes a guide to choosing the right radio. Lots of practical tips and demonstrations will be included, giving students hands-on experience. The lessons will follow the chapters and format of the book and are a valuable resource for future reference after the lesson. The book contains the entire pool of questions and answers that candidates will see on the FCC exam.

The FCC recently restructured the licensing requirements for all amateur radio licenses, and there are now only three license classes. They no longer require Morse code for any license class.
Each student will be given an “Elmer” list at the end of the course. An Elmer is an experienced ham who has volunteered to help new hams, so they can get their station running after getting their license. All students who complete the course and receive their license will receive a free one-year membership in the Fort Herkimer Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

The Technician class license now grants privileges for voice communications almost immediately. With higher class licenses there are more frequencies and modes of operation, such as voice (telephone), radioteletype (RTTY), high frequency (HF) extended privileges, digital modes, packet radio and the AFRS. Tests are being carried out at various locations in the region. Students can take the exam at any time if they feel ready to try for their license. A special test session will be scheduled after the end of the course. Test results are now processed electronically, so the successful candidate can get their FCC call sign and be on the air in a very short time.

For more information or to register, please contact Chris Bouck (KB4CMF), Chair of the Education Committee of the Ft. Herkimer Amateur Radio Association, Inc., at (315) 429-3927 or by email at cbouck01@twcny.rr. com or Don Peterson (KD2ILO) President of the Fort Herkimer Amateur Radio Association, Inc. at (315) 868-3283.

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