The Amateur Radio Club honors Bob Hodson



Courtesy of John Levo
Highland Amateur Radio Association

Long-time Highland County banker, broadcaster and civic leader Bob Hodson was recently made a life member by the Highland Amateur Radio Association within his organization.

In addition to all of his dedication to Highland County, Hodson has also held an amateur radio license since the early 1960s. Although his 29 years doing a local news program on WSRW have exposed him to radio, Hodson’s is interested in amateur radio thanks to his son David’s electric project in 4-H. The two were exposed to the excitement of amateur radio through 4-Hers friends who were amateurs.

When the Clinton County Radio Club offered a course for licensing, the two jumped at the chance. They passed their tests which at the time included the ability to send and receive Morse code. The Federal Communications Commission assigned Bob the call sign WA8KTU and David WA8LCW.

While David was in college and living in Dayton, they found ham radio to be a great way to stay in touch.

Since 1964, Bob has maintained his license; however, leaving the state and life “standing in the way” caused David to let his license expire.

Bob was a driving force behind the founding of the Highland Amateur Radio Association when, in 1977, about 20 Highland County amateurs gathered in the Hillsboro Farm Bureau boardroom to found the organization. Hodson is one of the few founding members still alive.

Meanwhile, HARA has over 140 members, mostly residents of the Highland County area, either with hobbyist licenses or interested in radio communications, technology and / or electronics. FCC data indicates that there are well over 200 amateur radio licenses issued with Highland County zip codes.

The club was recently recognized by the American Radio Relay League as one of the nation’s leading amateur radio clubs.

More information on amateur radio and how the hobby can serve a community can be found on the web at Information about Highland County’s Highland ARA is available at, or by contacting Information Officer John Levo at (937) 393-4951. A wealth of information about the club and its past activities can be found on the internet through any popular search engine.

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