The 415 Amateur Radio Club is hosting a Summer Field Day on June 25-26


The 415 Amateur Radio Club of Crystal Lake will celebrate its fifth anniversary by participating in the American Radio Relay League 2022 Summer Field Day.

This is a local group of licensed amateur radio operators whose goal is to promote the hobby of amateur radio, while having fun.

The public is invited to attend this “amateur” ham radio demonstration where several radio stations will be operating between 1 p.m. Saturday, June 25 and noon Sunday, June 26 at 3208 Bay Road in Crystal Lake.

Visitors will observe a variety of communications using voice, Morse code and digital techniques.

An amateur radio station capable of communicating with orbiting satellites and the International Space Station will also be in service. There will be opportunities for visitors to Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) and contact other amateur radio stations.

Summer Field Day activities are used to test the ability to operate under emergency conditions using temporary facilities and off-grid power to provide emergency communications within our local communities as well as disaster relief. disaster across the United States. These capabilities are essential in the event of loss of Internet access or cell phone communication.

Amateur radio operators provide public service communications for weather observations, rallies and other community events, as well as educational activities for youth and others interested in amateur radio.

If you would like more information about amateur radio or Summer Field Day, contact Gary Dembski at

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