Sydney’s new radio station 1170 SEN goes on air



1170 SEN Sydney was officially launched today, alongside a new advertising blitz to promote the station.

Parent company Sports Entertainment Network CEO Craig Hutchison said that despite industry discussions and past performance, there is indeed room for a sports station in the city.

“Now a lot of people have told us that a sports resort in Sydney just won’t work – it can’t work. This has already been tried. Well, it is not. You are going to see real celebrity talent, real conversation and a real assault on the Sydney sports market. And we just have the team to do it, ”he said at a virtual event ahead of the station’s launch.

Hutchison was referring to Macquarie Media, now owned by Nine and part of Nine Radio, which dabbled in a sports radio network with Macquarie Sports Radio.

Last year, Nine suspended the sports format after disappointing ratings. Before its hiatus, the station had an audience share of 1.1% in Sydney, 0.3% in Melbourne and 1.5% in Brisbane, according to ratings from GfK.

Nine Radio has since revived the stations and brought back the heritage brands Magic, 2UE and 4BH, playing music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The host of 1170 SEN Breakfast, Andrew Voss, was keen to point out the difference between the new resort and the ghosts of past resorts.

“We’re going to be informative, entertaining, engaging and most of all relevant to Sydney,” he said. “And I think that’s where other sports network attempts in the state and in this city have failed.”

He said his show would be like reading a newspaper cover to cover, with the main emphasis on sports (the last page of a newspaper), but also a good dose of current affairs and current affairs. .

It would not be, he said, a “shock radio”.

Matt White, former head of sports for Network 10 and longtime host of Sport tonight on the network, said his after-breakfast program would be like a journal, digging “a little deeper to find some of the stories behind the story, to look at the big issues, and not just to talk, but I think also have a great conversation with, the movers and the sport shakers ”.

White added that launching SEN in Sydney was a big deal in the city’s radio landscape and for sports fans.

“One of the things I love about being a part of that is that Hutchy and the SEN team as we know don’t just dream big, they act big, do they?” he said.

As for the future, Voss said SEN Sydney plans to “be here for a long, long time.”

To support today’s launch, SEN has launched an advertising blitz that will run on Channel 7,, The Daily Telegraph’s website and platforms owned by SEN.

Last week, the broadcaster had already launched a campaign to promote the hype around the station.

SEN’s Marketing Director Mandy Henderson said the teaser was a taste of things to come.

“The 1170 SEN Sydney promises sport from some of Australia’s most entertaining and irreverent media personalities. Together, they will bring a unique brand of insight and analysis, mixed with wit and engaging jokes, ”said Henderson.

“It will be more about the humor than the hamstrings with a lot of interaction with the listener.”

1170 was previously 2CH, a classic hit station, which has now switched to DAB + and streaming only.

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