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Christina Bosly-Pask recalls a time when plays weren’t just performed on stage or on screen, but on the radio. Today, through a sound studio discovery and partnership with Coast FM, his Wynyard-based theater company Squid Inc Theater is working to bring those experiences back. “I remember in my early twenties… the afternoon radio play was a godsend for me,” Ms. Bosly-Pask said. “It kept me in touch with the theater I was removed from. I just felt like I was still part of the real world. RELATED: Wynyard’s Squid Inc Theater is set to debut production in September” Now , especially with COVID-19, we are seeing that with people confined to their homes again, more and more people are starting to go back to listening to the radio and wanting more than music or podcasts. February, with theater goers and local playwrights encouraged to reach out to get involved. The first taxi out of the row will be the thriller Deadline, by Marion Devitt, followed by the dark comedy Alan Grimaldi and the 83, by Bob Hammond. RELATED: Coast FM Station Manager Brian Shearston on the issues the station faces ahead of its 30th birthday, Ms Bosly-Pask said no experience was required, with the prerecorded nature of the parts and the lack of a perfect audience for those who just dip their toes into the world of performing ming. Coastal creators are also encouraged to come into contact with original pieces that could potentially be performed. Auditions end on January 22, and Audition Packs are now available. The first play will air on Saturday February 26. Visit squidinc.org.au for more information. What do you think? Have your say by sending us a letter to the editor using the form below.



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