Spring fundraiser: WMOT is YOUR radio station



Today we kick off our spring fundraiser. Our fundraisers are the primary means of strengthening our programming and our community.

WMOT is your public radio, the one that wakes you up in the morning, makes your commute more bearable and provides good company on the weekends.

Of course, the idea of ​​it being your radio station goes no further. All you have to bring is what you see fit.

Your donation, along with those of other listeners, helps make WMOT a strong public radio station.

Donate now to keep YOUR public radio station strong and independent.

Fundraising campaigns are absolutely crucial to maintaining the strength of the WMOT throughout the year. You can participate in feeding WMOT in several ways:

1. Become a WMOT member by making a monthly donation to WMOT! Music member gifts start at $5 per month. When you become a Music ($5 or $10 per month), Wired In ($20 per month), or Producer ($42 per month) tier member, you’ll connect artists and music lovers around the world and help us to plan for the future. – for live events, on-air programming days and upcoming festivals.

2. Make a one-time donation to WMOT! Any amount means something, and if you donate $60 or more tomorrow on T-Shirt Tuesday, you can get a WMOT Of, By and For the People t-shirt! (Check “One time only” on the donation page.)

3. Keep listening! We know not everyone can give and that’s okay – we love knowing you’re with us and we’re just happy to have you here.

However, if you decide to support our spring fundraiser, please know that your donation impacts everyone in our community of music lovers and music makers.

Ps – Double your impact with employee matches. Middle Tennessee companies associate employee giveaways with WMOT. Ask your employer, complete the paperwork, name WMOT as the recipient on the MTSU Foundation Matching Gift Form.

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