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Isabella Payne, from Kent, was able to make contact with the space traveler for 45 seconds as the ISS passed over her orbiting home. Using her father’s ham radio, she was amazed that she was able to have a brief conversation with American astronaut Kjell Lindgren, which she thought was just a “dream”.

Ms Payne told CNN: “His voice instantly went from normal to happy.

“You could hear his smile.

“I was thrilled when I heard his voice, I thought it was a dream.”

Although it is extremely rare for amateur radio users to come into contact with astronauts on the facility, it can happen once every five or six years, according to Ms Payne’s father.

Matthew Payne said: ‘It’s very unusual and can happen once every five or six years.

“Everything has to line up and then you have to have an astronaut on board who uses the equipment and is ready to chat.

“It was a great experience for Isabella.”

Ms Payne was inspired to get in touch with the floating space station after meeting British astronaut Tim Peake when she was just two years old.

Today, his dream is “realized”.

She said: “It was truly amazing and a dream come true. I can’t wait to tell my friends all about it. I hope it inspires other young girls to do science the way girls should. and the boys.

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Mr Payne said in an interview with BBC Breakfast: “Through the network and the communities I’m involved in, I learned that the astronaut who was up there was using the equipment, so we started l listen and it was just really a game of luck.

“You have to get the right time when the space station is passing over you and it has to be the right time of day when the astronaut is actually using the equipment.”

According to the Radio Society of Great Britain, amateur radio is a “popular technical hobby and voluntary public service which uses designated radio frequencies for the non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training and emergency communications”.

It is also the only pastime governed by an international treaty.

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