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Slow cooking and Knopha, two Chinese artists, announced their new radio: BAIHUI.

The new station launched on Sunday alongside the couple’s friend Matt, with hosts from Canada Yu Su, Beijing DJ Zhuozhuo, from Hong Kong Mr Ho, and more.

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The new China-based independent station brings fresh music from Asia and beyond with a mix of artist residencies and events.

“BAIHUI refers to the acupuncture point at the top of your head. A meeting point for expression, a central hub where music fans can open their minds to new sounds,” say BAIHUI curators.

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They continue, “BAIHUI is a new independent radio station bringing together rich and diverse voices and connecting music communities across China.”

Slowcook, who resides in Beijing Club Zhao Dai, has previously led projects such as Equalizer Collective, which redresses gender imbalances in the music industry through workshops and parties.

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She was also a regular at Brudenell Groove while living in Leeds, a charity night where she performed alongside friends and artists, with all proceeds going to good causes.

Login to BAIHUI here, and follow the new station on instagram.

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