Radio station’s ice cream giveaway helps FCA get back on their feet


Members of KSBJ Radio (89.3 FM) were basically trying to do the impossible on Tuesday afternoon, as were those who stopped by their location in the Faith Christian Academy parking lot.

With temperatures approaching 100, they were handing out cups of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream to everyone who visited their facility. They spent an hour in FCA, but their ice cream lasted maybe a minute in a solid state before quickly becoming vanilla soup.

The radio station also distributed small gifts. Visitors blindly picked a color from a bucket and that color matched a gift such as a key ring or a bandana.

KSBJ stopped by the small private school in town to provide a lift for anyone connected with helping the school get back on its feet. A water heater broke in the early morning one night earlier this year, flooding the entire downstairs with about three inches of water.

The leak was so bad that when people started arriving for church services that Sunday, water had already started leaking from the school and onto Burke Road.

Everything on the first floor was destroyed, including the floor of the gymnasium which is the scene each year of volleyball and basketball tournaments. Luckily, all of FCA’s classrooms are on the second floor.

Now that a new school year is due to start on August 8, everyone from electricians to plumbers is putting in long hours preparing for school. There are some signs of progress. New, brighter kitchen lights came on for the first time on Tuesday. The new tiling is already laid at the entrance.

Obviously, all the walls on the first floor have been removed to combat the mold problems. The new walls have been installed and to take advantage of the reconstruction of the school, some additions are added.

During basketball games, if the action was at the north end of the field, fans had to stay behind a gate until the action moved to the south end because the gates are so close ground. This will become a thing of the past as gates have been created on both sides of the main gate allowing people to immediately climb the stairs if they wish or enter the gym without being directly behind the goal.

The new gym floor is expected to start arriving on August 1. And yes, volleyball tournaments are planned for September. They will be on a smaller scale, but there are plans to hold sporting events.

A rebuilding celebration is scheduled for Saturday, August 6 at 9 a.m.

As for that Blue Bell ice cream, KSBJ didn’t let any of it go to waste.

“If we don’t hand out the 200 cups of ice cream, the cool thing about partnering with the school is that when we can, about 20 kids from daycare take naps. We were allowed to leave the remaining ice cream behind so that when they woke up from their nap they would have ice cream. We were also able to leave color changing cups for them,” said Iliana Hernandez, KSBJ Promotions Manager.

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