Radio station speaks out after Jamey Johnson’s onstage rant



Two years after its initial lineup, fans were thrilled to finally see Jamey Johnson headline the Bourbon Theater. Lincoln in the streets – which also featured performances by Ella Langley and Blackberry Smoke – last Friday (August 12) night.

He absolutely had a good number of his fans pumping their fists — but he got the whole nation talking about country music for a reason.

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After Blackberry Smoke finished his set and moments before Jamey Johnson took center stage, a bunch of New Country KX96.9 radio DJs came out to fill in from time to time. They excited the crowd, promoted the radio station, and introduced the next act.

However, the country star was not thrilled with the gesture. And he made sure fans knew how he felt through a rude tirade he delivered, showing just how excited he really was.

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“I thought we had a good deal,” the singer told the radio station, calling them “uninvited.” “You don’t play my music, and I don’t play yours, so stay away from my stage.” Fans agreed and went wild, screaming their approval.

A radio station took to social media to share their side of the story

The DJs at the local country pop radio station were in complete disbelief at what had just happened.

Rob Kelley, the station’s content creator, for example, said the incident shocked them all more than anything. This is all the more true as New Country KX96.9 was working in a joint venture with Bourbon Theater to attract more people to the show, and he has since been given management permission for them to be on stage. “We’ve never been looked down upon by someone like that on stage,” he said.

Kelley also came to the station’s defense, saying they played more than just traditional country music.

Johnson’s team has already contacted the station to apologize for their tirade.

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