People think I’m an Irish radio station – I’ve been getting text messages and song requests every day for 7 YEARS



AN IRISH WOMAN has been bombarded with requests for lyrics and songs every day for SEVEN YEARS by people thinking of contacting a popular Irish radio station.

Irish TikToker Aine, who posts under the username @travelwithainerevealed her struggle with thousands of Irish people contacting her with their FM104 enquiries.


TikToker Aine was confused with FM104 for seven years
She's still bombarded with messages and song requests every day


She’s still bombarded with messages and song requests every day

FM104 is one of Ireland’s most popular radio stations, with almost a quarter of a million listeners each week.

So you can assume that the popular radio station receives many messages from listeners every day.

In Aine’s TikTok video, she explained, “For six or seven years people have thought I’m FM104.

Aine explained how her phone number is extremely similar to the station‘s, resulting in her constantly receiving random text messages.

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She said: “And the thing is at the beginning, I thought it was kind of funny, about six or seven years ago.

“And then there were times when I was getting multiple texts a day.

“People are texting in song requests, contest entries, shouting all that kind of stuff.

“Like I’m not a sick, twisted person. So I’m not going to answer these people and pretend they won the contest.”

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Aine added that the worst thing FM104 could have done was forward his entries to WhatsApp.

With Whatsapp, radio fans can now send voice notes and even photos to the popular Dublin station, and sadly many of those messages still fall on Aine’s deaf ears.

Aine said: “Most of the time I wouldn’t listen because I knew it was someone like trying to enter a contest or saying something weird or a child like being forced by their mother to say Something.

“I just don’t understand why people didn’t realize it wasn’t FM104. People were texting like ‘shout at my daughter in the car’ and would probably wait the whole radio show for their shout out and they would never get it.

“So guys check the number to text you.”

Irish Radio fans flooded the comments section with disbelief at the Tiktoker’s incredible story, while some commenters shared their own.

One said: “I was a local toy store. November and December were a disaster.”

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Another added: “Our house phone when we had one a few years ago was 1 digit from the local parish house.

“Some of our phone calls were interesting to say the least.”

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