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A new Amateur Radio Card will soon be available for purchase on the Crowd Supply website in the form of the SOCORAD32. Offering a hackable open source ESP32 amateur radio board with walkie-talkie functionality and data communication. The board was created to provide a professional grade ESP32 Software Controlled Radio. Offer a hackable walkie-talkie for ham radio exploration, voice and data communication using simple AT commands.

Just add a speaker and a battery and build your own fully functional walkie talkie radio complete with Push To Talk (PTT) button. No pricing information has been made available yet, but if you head over to the official Crowd Supply project page, you can save your details to be notified once the project goes live.

ESP32 amateur radio card

“Unlike using a complicated SDR for ham radio operation, SOCORAD32 is a ham radio friendly device that keeps things simple. Using simple AT commands, users can configure the audio volume, tone squelch, CTCSS, CDSS codes, etc. The frequency range of SOCORAD32 covers license-free bands for most countries.SOCORAD32 also offers all the operations of a standard walkie-talkie. It uses an exclusive RF design with RDA1846 IC, this is the same IC used in commercial walkie-talkies such as Baofeng, Motorola and Hytera, so SOCORAD32 can communicate with commercial walkie-talkies easily.

“In addition to all of this, SOCORAD32 uses the powerful ESP32 Bluetooth functionality. All SOCORAD32 settings can be adjusted via a connected mobile device using a serial Bluetooth app of your choice, while also being adjustable via the physical buttons. You can store as many channels as you want in the onboard memory of the ESP32.SOCORAD32 can also communicate data, so you can explore amateur radio frequencies for IoT or send texts.Texts can be read via the on-board OLED screen or via a mobile device connected via Bluetooth.

“Beyond communication, SOCORAD32 is fully open source and hackable. For high-level enthusiasts, the RF module can be opened and modified, allowing features such as power amplifier upgrades, among other adaptations.

Source: CrowdSupply

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