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SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KELO) — It’s as prestigious a college as the School of Hard Knocks. Even though it may be imaginary, you can still hear the voice of Okoboji University on the airwaves.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we travel back to 1985 with KELOLAND’s Perry Groten as a fake college campus radio station debuted.

Somewhere there is the campus of the legendary Okoboji University. But here is the real campus FM radio station.

“From Okoboji University campus is KUOO FM, Milford, Spirit Lake, Orleans and Lake Park.”

“We are brand new. We also need to establish our credibility, just as Okoboji University established its credibility.

The road to credibility has only just begun for KUOO. The station went on the air on April 1 and already big plans are in the works. In September, the station will air the game of the year. Opposing the Fighting Phantoms football team against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

“The Phantoms move fast, as I say. It’s hard to know where they are, we’re just lucky to have them pinned on September 31st.

KUOO wants its audience to know that this station is the official voice of Okoboji University. In its first week on the air, the station awarded honorary degrees to 700 listeners. Hedburg also hopes to earn his sheepskin from this prestigious, but imaginary institution.

“It’s very, very, very hard to earn this, but the tuition is reasonable and the food is good. So eventually I will get my PhD from the University of O”

Perry Groten, KELOLAND News, Spirit Lake, Iowa.

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