Midland Sisters Obtain Amateur Radio Licenses


Two years ago Kanushi Desai, still a curious youngster, decided to join the Jefferson Middle School Electronics Club. The sixth-grader immediately took to the activity.

“Kanushi was so young that she had no idea about these things,” said Pranali Desai, Kanushi’s mother. “Even when she was little, she was still exploring, always doing something.”

The first thing she built in the club was a flashlight, and the megawatt smile that lit Kanushi’s face following that success is something her mom won’t soon forget.

“The happiness on her face when she saw all of these elements come together told me, as a parent, that we should continue to support this newfound interest,” said Pranali Desai. “She started to learn more and more and quickly interested her older sister, Jashvi. She started to learn from Kanushi.

Today, the two sisters are proud to own amateur radio licenses after passing the FCC Technician Class and General Class Amateur Radio exams.

“They did all of this during the school year, they found the time,” their mother said of her daughters’ work at the electronics / ham radio clubs in Midland. “Kanushi and Jashvi continued because they were interested in how much knowledge they could collect. They have learned a lot in just over two years.

Kanushi is 13 and is now in eighth grade at Jefferson. Big sister Jashvi, 18, is in her third year of freshman at Princeton. Both credit Dennis Klipa, a community volunteer with the local Amateur Radio Club, for their interest in a hobby they plan to pursue into adulthood.

“I started making circuit kits in the electronics club at school, and then Dr Klipa gave me more depth,” Kanushi said. “He bought me a soldering iron and a kit. I built an alarm clock at home, it was my first kit. I recently built a receiver with my sister, Dr Klipa and another radio operator. amateur. It’s a fun thing. You make more connections with people. I learned so much. “

The trio also have another more advanced receiver in the works, a project that is temporarily on hold while Jashvi leaves for Ivy League school.

“They have always been very active, even when they were little,” Pranali said of her daughters. “We try to challenge them and provide whatever resources we can. “

Kanushi and Jashvi’s father, Vipul Desai, a computer chemical engineer at Dow, is excited about his daughters’ passion for amateur radio and their desire to develop intellectually.

“Our job as parents is to fully support them when they find something that interests them,” he said. “They build and can go higher and higher with their knowledge. Robotics, computer programming, electronics… this is where the future will be and they acquire this type of knowledge and skills.

“My sister got me involved and Dr Klipa took us under her wing,” Jashvi said. “Whenever we had questions he was always ready to help. I think it will be very useful to me in the future.

For now, she is concentrating on her studies at Princeton, where she is doing a double major in chemical and biological engineering.

“It’s definitely as tough as they say it is,” Jashvi said. “I love it here. I spend my first year exploring what I want to do. I am thinking of a premedical path.

The first indications are that the Desai girls are on the right path to being successful in whatever they choose to do. Learning electronics and soldering and circuit building appealed to Jashvi when she was a member of the Midland High School Club, which is open to all high school students in Midland County. But being an amateur radio operator isn’t limited to radio frequencies and two-way communications.

“Dr. Klipa took us to another level to be part of a community,” Jashvi said. “He was our Elmer (new and less experienced operators mentor). Amateur radio is all about helping others. love the volunteer aspect and see myself doing it in the future.

Kanushi volunteered for the recent Dirty Dog Trail Run in Midland, where she provided emergency communication for the runners.

“Exploring different things has been a big part of Kanushi and Jashvi’s childhood,” said Pranali. “When we see their happiness, we know we are doing our job as parents. “

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