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NAPILI – 11-year-old Nathaniel Muto might just be Hawaii’s youngest ham!

Nathaniel, Griffin Sagar, 12, and Maui Preparatory Academy professor Ian Cowan recently took the FCC Technician Class Exam at Maui County Civil Defense Headquarters in Wailuku.

“All three have succeeded brilliantly! Our three applicants have now obtained their Amateur (Amateur) Radio License and are now reaching out to radio amateurs around the world from the Maui Prep Amateur Radio Club station located in a classroom on our beautiful campus, ”explained the former Maui principal. Prep, Dr. Mike. Manafo.

“Thanks to the benevolence of the radio amateurs on Oahu and Maui, as well as the subsidy of the schools of the future, we now have a beautiful station capable of transmitting on 11 different amateur frequency bands and able to reach stations around the world in SSB, CW and FM. “

To date, KH6MX, the club’s call sign, has contacted over 300 stations in 17 different countries.

From left to right, Nathaniel Muto, Griffin Sagar and Ian Cowan celebrate the installation of the Maui Preparatory Academy’s high-frequency ground plane antenna.

The Maui Prep Amateur Radio Club has grown from a week-long interim activity in February to a full-fledged club that meets after school Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4 p.m.

MPA students are welcome to register for free and work towards obtaining their radio license.

On April 9, a large high-frequency ground antenna was installed behind Building G on campus, and the club’s “DX (telegraph abbreviation for“ distance ”) potential is now limitless,” Manafo said.

“Griffin (WH6DXP), Na-thaniel (WH6DXS) and Mr. Cowan (WH6DXV) studied every day for a full month to learn radio theory, circuits and FCC regulations in order to pass the technician exam. Because exams are only administered three times a year in Maui, our students were determined to take their exams in April rather than waiting until August of this year. And they did! Of the 15 applicants – 13 adults and two children – the Maui Prep team had one of the highest scores, with the Incredible Griffin scoring 98% on the exam! “

Manafo and Muto recently traveled to Honolulu to attend a Ko’olau Amateur Radio Club meeting and thank the members for supporting the Maui Prep program.

“In turn, our hosts were delighted to meet young Nathaniel, perhaps the youngest ham in the state,” said Manafo.

“By the way, this young boy is an honorary student at Maui Prep and an excellent kid in every way. Despite computers, I-Pads, and all the other distracting gadgets, Nate is the most enthusiastic about amateur radio. Her goals for the summer are to master Morse code and take her general exam next August. Griffin and Ian have exactly the same goals!

“It really warms my heart to work with kids for whom ‘radio is magic’ – just like it was for me when I was a kid. I believe school radio clubs can help transform a hobby that many think it’s gone, and can help make radio wonderful again. With young hams like Griff and Nate in the lead, our vocation is in good hands.

Ham operators in Hawaii were instrumental in creating the Maui Prep School radio program and KH6MX.

“Last December, I emailed the local ham community looking for equipment, and the response has been overwhelming! In fact, there were more equipment offers than we could accept at the KH6MX, ”Manafo explained.

Thanks to their contributions and a grant from the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, Schools of the Future initiative, Maui Prep hams are broadcast through a Ten-Tec Omni VII transceiver, a UHF transceiver. / FT8800R dual band VHF, a Zero-Five 10- 40M GP Vertical, six band fan dipole and Comet GP1 dual band UHF / VHF vertical.

“Even the coaxial cable and connectors were donated! Mahalo nui loa to all our friends and supporters of KH6! Ham Radio is alive and well at Maui Prep in Lahaina, Hawaii, ”Manafo concluded.

Dr Manafo (K3UOC) first graduated in 1962 and established his first school radio club that same year at Wesleyville High School in Erie, Pennsylvania.

He has since been a licensee or administrator of the following school ham clubs: Colegio Internacional de Carabobo, Escuela Campo Alegre, Harvard Wireless Club, Harvard Caribbean Contest Station, Al Khalidia Academy, St. John’s School and Maui Prep.

Dr. Manafo and his family moved to Pennsylvania.

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