Lorde launches her own radio station to showcase songs that have ‘transformed’ her


Lorde created her own station to show fans “the shapes that have positively impacted my path.”

The 25-year-old celebrity collaborated with Sonos Radio to create her own station titled ‘SOLAR SYSTEM’, which includes Radiohead, Cocteau Twins and J Dilla.

She added in a statement, “SOLARSYSTYM is like stepping into my brain, giving listeners a front row seat to the songs that have meant a ton to me and my life.”

She added: “It’s a collection of shapes, gravitationally bound, a handful of planets, dozens, more dwarf planets and countless little rocks. All reflecting light from a sun. These are the shapes that have changed my course for the better.”

She added that the station will allow her fans to experience everything from music her parents “pulled” off their really awesome CD tour to songs she simply copied from YouTube as a pimply-faced teenager ( those were the days!) and the albums she includes in their entirety because they “transformed” her thoughts and emotions for most of her life.

Lorde is now traveling the world in support of her 2021 album “Solar Power”, with concerts scheduled in the UK and Ireland later this month, following a previous North American run.

She will then travel across Europe for more headlining gigs, as well as festival performances at Primavera Sound and Glastonbury, before wrapping up the tour in 2023 with rescheduled dates in Australia and New Zealand.

In November 2021, the Grammy-winning artist was “beyond devastated” to have to postpone performances in New Zealand and Australia due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

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Lorde said she was “incredibly sorry to be postponing these performances”. She explained that starting the tour in New Zealand has always been crucial for me and would have been a huge high but because the pandemic should not be taken lightly she would prefer it to happen for everyone at a more specific period.

The New Zealand-born singer and songwriter, concluded its North American solar energy tourr at the Santa Barbara Bowl. During the opening of her show, the performer opened up about her last visit to the Bowl, which took place when she was 18 and her debut album Pure Heroine had just been released.

The stage and clothing evoked a 1970s mod aesthetic, with light wood, stairs going up and down, and yellow jumpsuits for the band. The main point of the scene was a massive staircase atop a revolving platform, which served as an improvised sundial when illuminated. During the show, a gigantic orb in the shape of a planet projected at the back of the stage changed color. Lorde would frequently sit on the stairs between songs and talk with the audience as if they were an old friend having coffee.

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