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* At the stroke of midnight on June 19, 2021 – that is, June 17, 2021 – Los Angeles will have its first and only “Unapologetically Progressive” talk radio station for African American audiences! Led by a media personality, author and philanthropist Tavis smiley by Smiley Audio Media Inc., KBLA 1580 Conference, is the only Black-owned and operated chat station in Southern California!

After almost four years of absence, Smiley is back on the air, with his own show, “Tavis Smiley” plus he has great programming and gives people something to talk about !! With award-winning hosts like Dominique DiPrima and political commentators and comics DL Hughley and Alonzo bodden, KBLA Talk 1580 has a range of renowned hosts who can speak candidly and passionately about the challenges people of color face on a daily basis as they try to navigate life and achieve their hopes and dreams in California. KBLA Talk 1580 intends to serve an audience long ignored by talk radio in Los Angeles – people of color and progressives. Interesting way, KBLA 1580 AM is a heritage resort and the original home of the iconic KDAY hip hop station.

It was only natural that Smiley returned to the airwaves as the owner of a talk radio station – the only black-owned talk station west of the Mississippi.

“There is a difference between being ON a radio station and OWNING a radio station,” he said. “At KBLA Talk 1580, I wear many different hats, and my whole radio and television broadcast experience has prepared me for this next chapter. He added, “I have spent my entire career educating and empowering black people, and it was the next logical step for me to own something, community based, continuing to make impactful changes as our country counts for social justice and currency. The timing for KBLA Talk 1580 couldn’t be better.

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Smiley began his radio career in Los Angeles under the tutelage of African-American radio pioneer and industry giant Bill Shearer, owner and operator of KGFJ 1230 AM. His one-minute commentary, the Smiling report, the morning and afternoon driving led to various stints including a spot on the # 1 LA radio show as a commentator on the “Ken & Barkley Morning Show” on TalkRadio 790 KABC. Still in his twenties, he finally landed his own show, “Twenty-Something Talk”, co-hosted with another GenXer at the time, Ruben Navarrette Jr .. Speaking of race and politics, Smiley and Navarrette were the first African-American and Latin radio station. team in the city – long before people spoke of a Black / Brown coalition.

After causing a sensation on local radio, Smiley has become a familiar voice to African-American listeners of the national radio show “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”. He later switched from city radio to mainstream radio and hosted his own radio program on NPR, “The Tavis Smiley Show,” making Smiley the first African-American to host a signature daily talk show in Washington’s history. NPR. Eventually, Smiley would hit television with appearances and shows on BET, CNN, ABC and PBS.

Elston butler
Elston butler

In addition, Smiley brought in Elston Howard Butler to serve as President and CEO of KBLA Talk 1580. Butler will also be President and COO of the holding company, Smiley Audio Media Inc.

A seasoned radio executive for 33 years, Butler has long been a key market leader, known for driving exponential growth in multimedia platforms. Most recently, Butler served as Market Manager for Taxi Productions’ Radio Free 102.3 KJLH, overseeing a team of 53 employees. During his career in broadcast media, Butler was also an award winner for ABC / Disney and iHeart Media.

To learn more about Butler’s appointment, visit Wyllisa Bennett’s Pitch Engine

KBLA Talk 1580 studios are located in Leimert Historical Park, right next to Destination Crenshaw’s “Sankofa Park”, a 2 km open-air museum along the new Crenshaw / LAX Metro rail line, currently under construction. .

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KBLA 1580 AM is a heritage resort and the original home of the iconic KDAY hip hop station. At 50,000 watts, day and night, KBLA serves a coverage area of ​​nearly 12 million listeners. KBLA Talk 1580 offers a range of renowned hosts who speak candidly and passionately about the challenges people of color face on a daily basis as they try to navigate life and achieve their hopes and dreams in California. KBLA Talk 1580 is aimed at an audience long ignored by Los Angeles talk radios – people of color and progressives.

Dominique DiPrima
Dominique DiPrima

KBLA 1580 Conference | in one look

  • After 16 years, award-winning radio host Dominique DiPrima left Radio Free 102.3 KJLH-FM to host the morning walk with the new program “First Things First With Dominique DiPrima”. She is the only African American woman in Los Angeles to host her own commercial radio show!
  • Don Amiché,a longtime fan favorite returns to the LA radio scene, bringing his daring and daring to late-night talks, focusing on news, politics and pop culture. Be ready!
  • Comic and political commentator DL Hughleyfinally lands in Los Angeles. Although his afternoon show airs nationwide, listeners can now listen to Hughley in the City of Angels.
  • A regular at NPRWait, wait … don’t tell me, “ and the winner of season three of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, Alonzo bodden brings his comedic commentary to KBLA Talk 1580 with his own show, “Alonzo Bodden: Who’s Paying Attention?”
  • After an absence of almost four years, Tavis smileyis back on air with his own show. But, this time around, it’s not just talent, but the owner of LA’s first black-owned talk radio station. He has built a challenging, enlightening and encouraging career for his fellow citizens, and is thrilled to present a “shamelessly progressive” talk radio station. to African-American and progressive listeners.

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