Leaker claims to reveal GTA 6 radio station songs


A Grand Theft Auto 6 leaker reveals four songs that could hit the airwaves of the game’s many upcoming radio stations.


A large number of gamers were looking forward to the day when Grand Automatic Flight 6 will finally come out of development limbo. Over the years, there have been several leaks that have reported on the game, its content, and the Rockstar Games vibe around the unannounced title. Now a Grand Automatic Flight 6 The leaker claims to have discovered some of the songs that players will be able to listen to on the game’s radio stations.

The music of Grand Theft Auto is an important part of the franchise – perhaps even more important than the wide range of weapons available to players. Some players have reported that driving in a stolen car with atmospheric tunes on the radio is the real thing Grand Theft Auto experience. From this perspective, it can be easy to see why gamers might be excited to learn which songs to look forward to.


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Twitter user GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS, which covers Grand Automatic Flight 6 news, rumors, leaks, predictions and easter eggs, recently translated a tweet that claimed to have discovered four songs that will end up in the next game. According to the translation, the original poster Matheusvictorbr- found two songs in a radio fragment , apparently nicknamed “familiars”. The songs in question were “Domino Dancing” by the Pet Shop Boys and “Odessa” by Caribou. Two other songs, “Nonsense Youth” by Santigold and “Numb” by Rihanna Feat. Eminem, were apparently found attached to another unnamed exclusive radio fragment.

The songs that Matheusvictory would have discovered have noticeably different feelings. This might support another of Matheusvictorbr’s assertions–that the alpha version of Grand Automatic Flight 6, which they apparently saw in 2019, had over 20 radio stations available. With the upcoming release of Rockstar Games’ next title, gamers might be interested in theorizing what other songs the company might bring to the franchise.

The signs currently indicate the direction of Grand Automatic Flight 6 making a return to Liberty City, but ditching the fan-favorite ’80s setting for a more modern take on the iconic location. This may imply that fans should anticipate a more modern soundtrack to go along with the updated setting. However, with over 20 radio stations to choose from, players will likely be able to find something they like to listen to while cruising around in a stolen vehicle. All the same, Auto grand theft 5 still receiving support, so it remains to be seen when Grand Automatic Flight 6 take the stage.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is rumored to be in development.

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