Launch of pop rock radio station Eirewave in Belfast



Eirewave, a new digital radio station playing only British and Irish pop-rock music, has launched in Belfast.

Founded by Frenchman Olivier Mauxion, Eirewave brings the heart and soul of British and Irish culture to ears around the world, ad-free.

Mauxion became a fan of British and Irish pop-rock in Paris in 1992 when he attended a U2 gig on the Irish rock band’s ZOO TV Tour. Inspired by this experience, he then attended Genesis’ We Can’t Dance tour in July and Rory Gallagher’s performance in December.

Eighteen years later, the former radio host and consultant leaves France and settles in Ireland, immersing himself in the vibrant culture that produced some of his favorite musicians.

After struggling to find a service that streamed his favorite songs in a format that would work for him and millions of other fans around the world, Mauxion founded Eirewave,

As music has become a solitary pleasure, subject to private playlists and narrow tastes, Eirewave aims to create unity among music lovers, releasing non-stop tracks that its listeners can enjoy together at the same time. .

Jack McCarthy, of the station‘s programming team, said: “The primary target market is very socially active and attends many gigs, gigs and music events. Eirewave keeps them constantly up to date with developments and happenings in contemporary pop-rock music both on air and online.

“We strive to make a visible impact on the UK music industry by introducing new UK and Irish artists, showcasing existing artists and promoting both to our listeners.”

Eirewave plans to broadcast on DAB+ in Belfast and Derry (NI) later this year, with new frequencies planned for Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff the following year.

“To compete in the crowded radio market, Eirewave needed to offer a unique format, providing an alternative to mainstream radio offerings. Eirewave delivers music to its listeners through both streaming and the internet, with the two technologies complementing each other,” Mauxion said.

“In an effort to compete with other music platforms such as Spotify, Eirewave has become a commercial-free station. The traditional radio business model of airing 15 minutes of commercials per hour has become obsolete and unattractive to commercial-free platforms. Eirewave has new ideas to monetize radio in ways that don’t compromise the listening experience.

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