Launch of new Vision radio station in Myrtleford, Victoria


vision Myrtleford, Victoria radio station went live on September 3, 2022. This is our 50th radio station out of the 100 stations in the 2021-2023 project and 788 stations in total.

Our installer described this project as “the longest and most nerve-wracking”. The license is in an exclusion zone. The potential hosts pulled out, with one pulling out ahead of the scheduled set-up day and after much work, including the creation of a concrete base and the involvement of power companies, as the site was on a hill near power lines. But God always has the last word. A supporter and his son and his son’s wife walked around the “cold” door. They found our current host, an elderly lady with English as a second language.

Our golden tech friends are Jim Matheson and John McKay. It was a long day for them as they traveled 8 hours to settle in and arrived home at 11 p.m. Well played guys!

Myrtleford is located between Wangaratta and Bright, a 3 hour drive from Melbourne via the M31 Hume Motorway. It’s a great place for lovers of outdoor adventures or connoisseurs of wine and food.

Outdoor adventures include hiking trails, swimming spots, scenic drives, water sports, fishing, golf, camping, snow vacations and off-roading. The Mosaic Trail deserves a special mention. This is a 5.6 mile trail that begins downtown at the Mosaic Wall in Jubilee Park. It is a flat and easy walk and suitable for wheelchairs. The objective is to locate the 80 mosaics along the route.

For foodies, there are gourmet cafes and restaurants, wineries and wine bars. Farm Gates are farms open to visitors to buy fresh produce such as nuts, all kinds of berries, and pumpkin seeds. There is also a deer and emus farm. The Myrtleford Farmers Market is held on the fourth Saturday of each month.

There’s plenty more to Myrtleford to brag about, but why not see for yourself and tune in to Radiovision while you are there?

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