Launch of a digital radio station at Delta



Allan Holender, a veteran of broadcast industry innovation and one of the original C-ISL 650 owners in Richmond, launched Canada’s first all-podcast digital radio station at Delta.

The new station aired its first live show Monday morning at:

According to a press release, Delta Podcast Radio is the radio industry’s latest and greatest hybrid that takes on the challenge of having an independent local radio station, without the need for a CRTC license, a broadcast tower, radio frequency, building, equipment and personnel. After successfully establishing two online community radio stations in the Okanagan, Holender feels the time is right to bring the concept to the Lower Mainland.

The station will focus on hometown news, sports, interviews and live broadcasts from amateur sports venues, with a heavy emphasis on arts and culture.

Delta’s Steve Erickson is the resort’s new athletic director.

“I think people care more about real, relevant radio than where it comes from,” says Holender, as he enters his 40th year in the broadcasting industry. “Great radio sounds good and if it’s a podcast it sounds good.”

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