KERA to manage Dallas-owned classic radio station WRR



Dallas’ first radio station will restart with new people at the helm.

The Dallas City Council voted unanimously to transfer management of the city-owned classic radio station WRR 101.1 FM to public television and radio operator KERA.

WRR has been losing money for several years and the deal means KERA will bear all the costs of running the station.

“For 101 years, WRR has been owned and operated by the City of Dallas and this ownership structure places certain constraints on it. As we progress to have it managed by KERA to become part of the broadcasting family public and convert the license to non-commercial, we are confident that we can make this a sustainable long-term service and continue to provide free access to classical music and the arts for people in North Texas,” said Nico Leone, President and CEO of KERA.

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The city will retain ownership of the station, but it will become a publicly funded station like KERA. It will retain its classical music format.

“One of the benefits of going non-commercial is that we can open up other forms of fundraising, including pledge campaigns. We’ll do them in a way that sort of minimizes the impact on the audience. We’ll move from advertising to sponsorships,” Leon said.

WRR will also no longer be required to broadcast city council meetings.

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