Joe Nichols recalls being fired from a country radio station


Before Joe Nichols got into country, he got fired playing country music. The singer recently opened up about his days as a radio DJ. It didn’t last long, and it ended with a touch of irony.

The “Good Day for Living” singer was on a small Top 40 country radio station in Arkansas. He worked the night shift, “for about 10 minutes,” he says, exaggerating some. “I was so bad at it.”

The “Brokenheartsville” and “Sunny and 75” hitmaker has always been known for his dedication to traditional country music. In fact, he can tell you why Gene Watson and Keith Whitley are in the Hall of Fame. That’s exactly what he did in his full interview with Taste of country nights‘Evan Paul:

At this station, Merle Haggard was the hill he was ready to die on.

“When I was doing nights, from midnight to 5 a.m., I would slip in some of my favorite records because, you know? Nobody’s listening,” he shares.

“I kept getting calls around 4 a.m. when my program director woke up and he was like, ‘Yeah, I haven’t programmed a Merle Haggard record in 15 years, so you gotta stop doing that and I won’t warn you again. … I’m like, ‘Ah, sorry. Totally slipped. It was probably in the wrong CD (case) or had the wrong label.'”

After the third or fourth time, the PD showed up and fired him, but Nichols got the last laugh.

“What’s weird is,” Nichols begins, grinning into laughter, “like two weeks later this guy got fired and they moved on to real country, the classics. I got myself said, “Maybe my grades were up!”

Clips from Nichols’ interview with ToC Nights are included in the video below, including his big drinking history with Blake Shelton and why Mark Chesnutt was once very upset with him. nichols good day to live the album was released on February 11.

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