Indie rap song’s original artist playing on Atlanta’s No. 1 FM radio station could be chart-bound


With the release of the 2AMBITIOUS.COM Music Celebrity corporate film and soundtrack. The Hot of the track “Stack Yours!” by Michigan rapper named Jovie “Da Don” made serious original noise at several radio stations. Getting 300-500 radio spins a week on multiple FM radio stations nationwide since his downfall!

Even debuting on top FM radio stations like Power 103.1 in Atlanta and the iHeart Takeover & Hot97 Whose Next To Blow! There are evening talks about her Top 100 chart debut!!! This song will be officially on sale on ITunes and Amazon Music Exclusively on December 1st!

Rent or buy the hit documentary on Vimeo On Demand –

Street Famous Soundtrack Label is patiently waiting to deliver original sheet music like this song.

Produced by Rizzo for Aabit Productions “Stack Yours!” merges a sound as original as the artist spitting on the beat. owner, Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren promises to push every song to the limit. Street Fame Magazine has added QR codes to its covers to increase sales of the soundtrack. This song is streaming in the movie available worldwide on streaming platforms Vimeo In Demand, The Soulful Channel, Gumroad and several TV channels.

As well as putting a name to the next generation of “RM” generation for the Rap music generation. answers a lot of real music industry questions that will be like a beacon of hope for new artists to follow for 300 years or more from Street Fame Magazine Founder & Film Producer award-nominated Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren Season 1 of the series is the cliffhanger, and has indie music career talents and fans who want more and more answers hoping that part 2 of this brilliant documentary on the music industry quickly follows sooner.

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