ILLW on track for 25th


200 registrations have just been clicked for the 25th anniversary of this fun and popular event organized each year on the 3rd weekend of August.

Despite Covid 365, attendees registered last year down about 100 from the usual number. Germany, Australia, USA and UK have the most entries, but good to see entries from smaller countries like Barbados, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Malta, Trinidad -and-Tobago.

Attendees are reminded that the purpose of the weekend is to have fun and at the same time shine a light on the plight of lighthouses that suffer from lack of care and maintenance. Showing the public all about amateur radio is also a side benefit. Amassing lots of contacts like in a contest is certainly not recommended.

The first year the event was held was in 1998 and there is a list of participants on the website. Some of these stations have participated in the event almost every year. Congratulations to the two founders Mike GM4SUC and John GM400U for creating this event. Both were members of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group at the time and I’m sure they had no idea what would happen to their creation. The history of the event is also on the website.

Come have fun and learn about lighthouses.

Kevin VK2CE and Ted W8TTS

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