Harborough radio enthusiasts urge fellow airwaves in Ukraine – please stay safe

Worried radio enthusiasts in Market Harborough and south Leicestershire are urging their comrades on the air 1,600 miles away in war-torn Ukraine – please stay safe.

Worried radio enthusiasts in Market Harborough and south Leicestershire are urging their comrades on the air 1,600 miles away in war-torn Ukraine – please stay safe.

The heartbreaking appeal is sent to beleaguered radio amateurs fearing for their families and their lives in this devastated Eastern European country days after the Russian military invasion.

This afternoon, Peter Rivers, 67, secretary of the Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society, told the Harborough Mail: ‘It’s obviously a very worrying situation at the moment.

“Our hearts go out to our fellow radio amateurs in Ukraine.

“It must be terrible for them right now, I can’t imagine what they are going through now that the Russians have invaded their homeland.

Radio enthusiasts in Ukraine have been ordered off and off by their own government and their own military,” said Peter, from Market Harborough.

“I guess it must be in case they unwittingly give away any of their own military moves or positions or whatever to those listening.

“There are also rumors that the missiles can target radio signals.

“But I don’t know if it’s true.

“My last contact was via email with a friend who lives near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv at the end of last week.

“He said he and his family were safe, but he could hear explosions in the background not far away, as he wrote to me.

“So it’s very scary, terrifying for these poor people,” the retired father-of-two said.

“He is under 60 so he will have to take up arms and fight for his country.

Amateur radio is an incredibly popular activity and interest in Ukraine.

“I have literally hundreds of calling cards from Ukrainian users,” Peter said.

“They are good people – just like you and me.

“And all of us in our group are just hoping against hope that they all stay safe and come out of this devastating crisis unscathed.”

He said there were also thousands of enthusiastic radio amateurs – all of whom can speak English – scattered all over Russia.

“They have become very quiet the last few days.

“They’re getting the cold shoulder from radio enthusiasts spread across the world after what happened,” Peter said.

But as we spoke, a Russian radio ham dramatically broke coverage to issue a heartfelt anti-war statement across the globe as the death toll and scale of destruction inside Ukraine mount by the minute. in minutes.

“He just transmitted ‘no war’ this second.

“It’s fascinating to understand that and to know that people feel the same in Russia itself,” Peter said.

“Radio enthusiasts like myself and my Harborough colleagues are part of a huge brotherly society of like-minded people across the world.

“The people we got to know on the airwaves in Ukraine are good people.

“And we all look forward to talking to them and engaging with them again as usual once this heartbreaking war is over.”

His Welland Valley colleague Andy Thomas told Mail readers: ‘As you all know Ukraine is at war and all Ukrainian radio amateurs are off the air.

“In this pdf you can see how easy it is to contact Ukraine by amateur radio in normal times.

“Ukraine is now at war.

“But we remember our many good friends that we have met in amateur radio contacts in this country over the years,” Andy said.

“Here are some memories of my contacts with Ukraine.

“And may you all be safe in this invasion of your country.”

If you want to know more about the Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society, they meet at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at Great Bowden Village Hall.

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