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WALL TOWNSHIP — The New Jersey Antique Radio Club held its Summer Tailgate Swap Meet and Ham Fest this past weekend, drawing radio enthusiasts and dealers who shared their collections and knowledge of amateur radios.

Amateur radio, also known as amateur radio, is the use of the radio frequency spectrum for the non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-study, private recreation, radiosport , competition and emergency communications.

The Summer Tailgate, which is on the lawn of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club building within the InfoAge campus, is one of the best places to go for hands-on tips and parts for restoring antique radios.


“We probably get up to three different types of people coming here,” said New Jersey Antique Radio Club member Ted Kopp.

“You will have someone looking for particular radio equipment that they want you to collect, like ham. Some people might be looking for a particular accessory for a complete rig or something as an alternative to what they already have. On some occasions, you’ll have scouts come down and try to pick up stuff that they know can fetch a profit.

While enthusiasts can undoubtedly try their luck with the many online sellers on the internet, the NJ Antique Radio club offers hands-on experience with passionate sellers equipped to offer valuable assembly advice.

“Unfortunately, aside from the online resources available for various gear, whatever it is, your best bet is to go to an event like this and search through the various tables and vendors. It varies greatly from year to year, depending on what people are willing to sell,” Kopp said.

Radio clubs are the backbone of many collectors and restorers, providing them with the resources, technical knowledge and connections needed to pursue their hobby.

About three times a year, the NJ Radio Club offers its resources at repair clinics, a unique opportunity for someone who might be interested in restoring a radio to its former glory.

“Let’s say you had Grandma’s radio and you wanted to get it fixed. It’s not like you can bring that to Geek Squad, so bring it here, make prearrangements to work with one of our experts. They sit with you, go through the radio and 90% of the time they leave here in working order and all you pay is the cost of parts,” Kopp said.

“If you do enough research, and a lot of these people in this particular organization can really help you with this. And you can bring it back to like-new condition.

For more information about NJARC and what it has to offer its members, visit njarc.org.

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