GTA Online gets a new radio station with The Contract


We have some exciting stuff GTA Online news for the music chefs out there. Ahead of The contract At the launch on December 15, it was announced that a brand new radio station will be added to the game, so players will have a whole host of new tracks to take them to the streets of Los Santos.

This new station, called MOTOMAMI Los Santos, will be hosted by Spanish singer and songwriter ROSALIA alongside Venezuelan musician Arca. The station will broadcast music by various artists, including Caroline Polacheck, Daddy Yankee, Mr. Fingers, Aventura and ROSALIA itself.

The contract also brings updates to pre-existing hip hop stations! The list of new music we’re getting is crazy with this overhaul and includes tracks from Freddie GIbs, TiaCorine, Offset, Mozzy, Future, Tyler the Creator and more. As for the radio station‘s cameos, we can expect Mike Dean and Schoolboy Q to appear live on air, so be sure to stay tuned.

For fans of the music of Dr. Dre, who will appear as an important character in the new narrative content of The Contract, the West Coast Classics station will take control of “Dre Day”. This means that the station will be chock-full of tracks from the rapper’s career, all available to listen to in-game whenever you want.

All of this will be available to players on December 15, as players team up with GTA favorite Franklin to help track down some of Dr. Dre’s never-before-seen tunes that are in the wild.

If you’re looking for more GTA content, we’ve got you covered. There’s this article on the trailer for The Contract, outlining what’s going on in the update. If you’re looking for the detail of weekly GTA Online updates, we’ve got it too!

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