Grand Theft Auto 6 release nears ‘final stages’ as radio station tracklist ‘leaks’


Rockstar’s long-awaited GTA 6 game could be almost complete, according to insiders.

The game is said to have finished compiling songs for its in-game radio stations, which play a combination of real-world hits and hilarious in-game satire.

This usually marked one of the last stages of development for previous Grand Theft Auto games. Grand Theft Auto V had its tracklist leaked just a month before its release date.

While it’s unlikely we’re a month away from GTA 6, it could mean Rockstar fans are one step closer to the franchise’s next big installment.

GTA V is one of the best-selling games of all time

GTA NEWS & LEAKS has shared a message from Matheus Victor, a Rockstar insider who has reliably shared information before.

His tweet, which was translated from Spanish, read: “Something internal was revealed to me recently, but I can’t say much. Referring to some songs from some radio stations that might be featured in the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.”

GTA NEWS & LEAKS explained the significance of this by saying: “Radio stations and songs are believed to be the final stage of the game’s late development. Past GTA 6 leaks have suggested it entered GTA 6 in 2019.”

People have been waiting for GTA VI for years
People have been waiting for GTA VI for years

According to the source, GTA 6 will include the following songs:

  • ‘Domino Dancing’ by Pet Shop Boys
  • ‘Odessa’ by Caribou
  • ‘Nonsense Youth’ by Santigold
  • ‘Numb’ by Rihanna ft. Eminem

Grand Theft Auto V featured classic tracks including Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s “The Next Episode”, Boston’s “Peace of Mind” and Kendrick Lamar’s “ADHD”.

Although none of the GTA 6 songs have yet been publicly confirmed, Snoop Dogg accidentally let it slip that he collaborated with Dr. Dre to create the first tracks in six years.

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