Garth Brooks’ SiriusXM radio station is ending after six years



Garth Brooks‘ on SiriusXM will end on September 30, according to Billboard. The station called The Garth Channel ran for six years, starting in September 2016.

The closing of The Garth Channel coincides with the end of Brooks’ 390-date arena tour which began in 2019 and was put on hiatus following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“[The Garth Channel] sold a ton of tickets for us on the [arena] tour and a ton of tickets for us on the stadium tour and now the road for what it was and what it stood for is coming to an end,” Brooks explained to the outlet. “We are planning this deliberately so that all of our business ends here to see what our next step might be.”

“We are incredibly grateful and proud to have partnered with Garth to bring The Garth Channel to SiriusXM,” a SiriusXM spokesperson added. “We have enjoyed our creative relationship and look forward to working together on future projects.”

The Garth Channel aired on channel 55 and played various genres of music including country, pop and R&B, Billboard noted. The channel also featured artists that Brooks was a fan of or grew up with, with his own music playing only 25% of the time, a decision that differs from other SiriusXM channels dedicated to artists such as Pearl Jam and Kenny Chesney.

Brooks said her channel is about “breaking down barriers.”

“The greatness was that you could hear Bruno Mars and Merle Haggard back to back and you could hear two great artists with two great totally different genres of music, and you loved them both,” he shared. “So that was a sweet message to get across. I love that you heard Aretha Franklin with Adele and Tammy Wynette, and it all worked out.

Despite closing this chapter of his career, Brooks told the outlet that he may bring his channel back one day.

“In the future, if anything happens, I hope my call is welcome,” Brooks said. “[The SiriusXM executives said], ‘He is welcome at any time.’ They were very nice about everything from start to finish,” he added.

As for what he wants to do next in his career, Brooks has also been very clear that he is done with stadium tours. He said he would like to do another residency in Las Vegas or play dive bar shows.

The Garth Channel simulcast Brooks’ weekly online fan show via Facebook called “Inside Studio G”. The Inside Studio G show, which airs on Mondays, will continue, according to the outlet.

A replacement for channel 55 should be announced soon.

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