Founder of a radio station, community activist


BLUE EARTH, Minnesota (KEYC) – Paul Hedberg has played the roles of a father, husband, radio station founder and prominent community advocate.

But his career began very early in his life as a radio personality.

“He just had a way to shake things up,” said Larry Anderson, who was friends with Paul.

“I think it was a ham. He certainly never backed down from a microphone. He never hesitated to want to be in charge, ”said Mark Hedberg, Paul’s son.

The elder Hedberg was a champion of the city of Blue Earth. He founded and owned KBEW Radio, then advocated for a statue that today draws visitors from all 50 states and beyond.

“This giant behind us – he went around in about 3 days and raised over $ 50,000 to build it because the freeway was going through here, and he wanted to have a tourist stop to attract people,” recalls Tom Juba, who was friends with Paul. .

Speaking of the highway, the broadcaster-turned-community leader was instrumental in locating Highway 90, which was supposed to stretch five miles north of Blue Earth.

“Paul made this presentation in front of the commissioner and all the engineers who were there. The commissioner listened, he looked at the engineers, and he said, “Move it. That was it, two words, ”Anderson described.

Hedberg and his wife, Julie, moved to Spirit Lake, Iowa, in the 1980s, where – if you can believe it – he started another radio station.

His friends and family remember his charisma, his perseverance and his love for his communities.

They have no doubt that Paul Hedberg’s legacy will live on.

“I think the two cities he lived in, Blue Earth and Spirit Lake, will fondly remember him because he did a lot of things,” said Mark Hedberg.

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