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Tickets are on sale now at QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website . Click here for ticketing and registration. Use the emailed credentials to test your connection before Expo weekend. The cost is $10.00. We offer a free ticket for students and children under 18, click here for the application.

New project gallery

Here are some of the project/product gallery entries:

  • A 40 meter flat cage double wide dipole – Thomas Planer KJ9P
  • Amateur radio and voip – Ian Abel G3ZHI
  • Hearham.live – Luke Bryan KJ7BKH
  • How to Make Meteor Scatter QSOs – Jim Wilson K5ND
  • New Application of Lock-in Amplifiers with 2-bit FSK – Jonathan Dorminy KN4LGM
  • Open Source Satellite Work is ITAR and EAR Free in the US – Michelle Thompson W5NYV
  • Opulent Voice – High Speed ​​Voice and Data Protocol – Michelle Thompson W5NYV
  • Rohn Tower Elevation – Chip Lohman NN4U
  • Web Radio Control – Enable remote control of your station via a web browser using a Raspberry Pi – Mikael Nousiainen OH3BHX

Share your latest ham radio project in our new project gallery. You can submit an article, poster, video or slides, as well as a downloadable PDF document about your project from a self-service kiosk on our platform. It’s a great way to present at Expo without hiring a speaker.

The project gallery is open for the duration of the show, including the 30-day on-demand period. Each kiosk includes an optional live Q&A text chat to receive and answer questions from project gallery visitors. Submissions accepted for the Project Gallery will receive a free ticket to the Expo. For more information, click here . To submit your project to the gallery – Click here

Preview of upcoming Expo presentations

Here is a list of 46 presentations coming to the Expo on September 17-18

  • A broadcast engineer’s version of an HF station – Mark Persons, W0MH
  • A minimalist QRP approach – ADX HF QRP – Baris Dinc, TA7W and Barbaros Asuroglu, OH2UDS WB2CBA
  • After 35 Questions: How Young Hams Can Benefit From Their License – Katherine Campbell, KE8LQR, and Liam Gazeley, KI5JXQ
  • All Bands in One HOA: Backyard Stealth Broadband Delta Loop Antenna – Corey Ruth, KD3CR
  • Anatomy of a Special Event – Scott Rosenfeld, N7JI
  • ARDC grants have an impact – Dan Romanchik, KB6NU
  • Arduino: the next generation – Glen Popiel, KW5GP
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner Solutions for the 1KW Operator – Dave Jensen, W7DGJ
  • Beyond the Gas Generator – Backup Power Strategy for Amateur Radio in the 21st Century – Ria Jairam, N2RJ
  • Buildathon: Let’s build a simple transceiver – REX Harper, W1REX
  • Construction and operation of a 122 GHz station – Doug Millar, K6JEY
  • Compete for the absolute beginner – Compete against yourself – Alex Van Patten, W3AVP
  • End Fed antennas from theory to concept and live! -Robert Glorioso, W1IS
  • Engage the Next Generation – Fully Remote Amateur License Test – Brandin Hess, WL1B and Drew Dasher, N1ER
  • Forward Error Correction in M17 Protocol – Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
  • Fractal Mobile Antennas – Gary Watson, ZL3SV
  • Haifuraiya – Open Source HEO Satellite Project Proposal – Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
  • Headset Interconnect Standard: An open standard for headset portability and interconnect devices – Mark Smith, N6MTS
  • Bring cats together or unify a local group with a mission using a structured simplex exercise. -Gerhard Spangenberg, KF4GGK
  • Hide your gear, not your signal! -Andy Mitchell, VA3CW
  • Theory and Construction of High Power Magnetic Loop Antennas – Ted Robinson, K1QAR
  • How to Make That QSO – Get in the Rhythm, Know the Rhyme and Dance the Dance – Anthony Luscre, K8ZT
  • HT + DTMF = Fun: Simple digital communication for portable transceivers – Zhemin Zhang, KD2TAI
  • In Search of the “Optimal” Magnetic Loop Antenna – John Portune, W6NBC M0GCK
  • Introduction to DX – Bill Salyers, AJ8B
  • Introduction to Software Defined Radio with a Focus on Aircraft Frequency Applications – David Horvath, KB3RIJ
  • Introduction to the nanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer – Greg Algieri, WA1JXR
  • Launch in ARISS – Evan Kauffman, KC8EK
  • Digital Voice Miniaturization Using ESP32 Microcontroller – Mooneer Salem, K6AQ
  • Never Stop Learning New Amateur Radio Concepts – Mitch Stern, W1SJ
  • Parks on the Air – 3 practical methods for successful activations – John Leonardelli, VE3IPS
  • Ribbit, a new mode of digital text messaging for UHF/VHF emergency communications – Pierre Deliou, W4CKX
  • Silent Key Estate Planning – A Guide – Dino Papas, KLØS
  • Single Station Accessories: Key, Keyer, Sidetone Oscillator, Antenna & Tuner – REX Harper, W1REX
  • Smith Charts: What Are They and Why Use One? -Roland Smith, K7OJL
  • Successful Operation – Evaluating Your Station’s Efficiency – Anthony Luscre, K8ZT
  • The “Leyden Jar” Magloop Antenna – Reinier van der Lee, W6WYN
  • The $14.00 Remote Rig Controller – Bruce Perens, K6BP
  • ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program – Mike Ritz, W7VO
  • The Fast Track to Understanding Amateur Radio Antennas – Michael Burnette, AF7KB
  • Transmitter Testing Using Low Cost Test Equipment – Shirley Dulcey, KE1L
  • Truly Excellent Digital Voice Quality: Opulent Voice – Paul Williamson, KB5MU
  • Updates on VHF and above LNA – Thomas Henderson, WD5AGO
  • User Authentication for Amateur Satellites – Paul Williamson, KB5MU
  • Welcome to the world of Arduino – Glen Popiel, KW5GP
  • Youth on the Air – Two years of life-changing success in IARU Region 2, and more to come – Sterling Mann, N0SSC

For more information on our presentations and speakers, click here

Presentations of previous exhibitions available on our Vimeo channel

All the video presentations made during previous Expos, more than 200 of them, are edited and available on our Vimeo channel. The catalog is fully searchable by name and keyword. Go to this link: https://vimeo.com/showcase/qsotodayhamexpomar2021

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