Example films Glasgow fans after radio station refuses to play his music


SINGER and rapper Example showed his appreciation for his Glasgow fans by filming the huge queue outside his gig last night.

The London-born star, whose real name is Elliot John Gleave, told his Instagram followers that an unnamed station wouldn’t play his singles due to concerns about the age demographic his music appeals to.

He now plans to show radio bosses exactly what his demographics look like by taking video footage of huge crowds outside his shows.

He said: “Last week we were told my new single was great but not age appropriate for a certain radio station.

“They said the same thing about my last single and the previous single.

“So what I’m going to do every night is take a video of the queue outside the concerts.

“They probably still won’t play my song but I will continue to have sold-out shows.”

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One of the Example crew then filmed four reels of Instagram videos showing young fans waiting in a long line outside 02 Academy.

They could be heard clapping and screaming as they waited impatiently in the cold.

The Kickstarts singer also showed his love for Scottish fans in an Instagram post, saying, “I try not to get too excited. Scotland always has my heart when it comes to live shows.”

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