Comedian Mike Osman launches new London radio station promising to ‘laugh every 10 minutes’



Today (March 4) marks the launch of a brand new radio station for Londoners. Great British Radio is the brain child of comedian Mike Osman and is financially backed by millionaire plumber Charlie Mullins. The new addition to the airwaves promises a “laugh every ten minutes” and already has celebrity endorsements.

The launch program included interviews with Chris Tarrant, Brian Conley, Lesley Joseph, Joe Pasquale and Harry Redknapp. Great British Radio also refuses to broadcast scheduled newscasts, but will instead focus on fun and lifestyle, with humor at its heart. Mike Osman said: “We all want good laughs, good guests and good music. There is too much unhappiness and sadness on the airwaves, so instead we will aim to make our listeners laugh at least once. times every ten minutes.”

Charlie Mullins, who recently sold Pimlico Plumbers for £125m, will be chairman of the new station and wants to bring some radio happiness. He said: “Everyone I know is sick of the constant sadness and gloom on the airwaves these days. Great British Radio is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I loved the idea so much that I bought a piece of the business!”

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The station is the brainchild of Mike Osman who is well known for his impressions of Donald Trump on TikTok

Mullins was interviewed for the launch and he told his fair share of humor-injected entertaining stories that the station will strive to focus on in the future. Today he confessed that if people complain about the noise at his party, he blames it on Tom Jones, who lives in the same apartment complex in London. He said: “Tom has a place above me and I’m a huge fan of his work.

“To laugh I play his hits at full volume when I’m on the balcony. If someone complains, I blame them and I shout: ‘Oi, Tom – turn it down!’ Listeners were also entertained by Mike Osman, the creator of the station. He previously hosted the breakfast show on Capital Gold and later hosted Smooth FM. Recently, he garnered millions of views on TikTok for his witty impressions of Donald Trump.

Singer RaRa (left) is one of the famous presenters
Singer RaRa (left) is one of the famous presenters

In an interview on Great British Radio today, Osman described an interaction with Prince Charles, saying he too would be good at impressions. Osman said: “I once stood in a queue that welcomed Prince Charles and he asked me what I did for a living. I said, ‘Well, I has a breakfast show on the radio, sir. I also do prints.

“I could see that piqued his interest and he said, ‘Oh really, I do prints too.’ As he turned away I asked him who he liked to impersonate and he looked over his shoulder and said, “I’m not telling you that – you’ll get it all over the radio until See you tomorrow, right?”

“His mouth is very elastic and I imagine he could make a great Boris Johnson if he put his mind to it. I heard he made a good imitation of a Dalek a few years ago so that he was visiting the Dr Who set.”

Notable British radio presenters include actor Sam Kane, TV personality Linda Lusardi, actress Vicki Michelle, singer RaRa, comedian Richard Digance and radio host Kevin King. It’s available on DAB+ in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Surrey and South London – as well as nationwide via radio player at

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