Classic rock radio station extends Pride month in response to hateful comments about its LGBTQ/LGBTQ Nation themed logo


The eagle pride month logoPhoto: Screenshot

For the second year in a row, an Idaho radio station knocks some anti-LGBTQ listeners over its Pride Month logo.

On June 1, classic rock station 96.9 The Eagle KKGL replaced its usual Facebook logo with an LGBTQ pride-themed version with a Progress Pride flag covered with their bald eagle.

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Many fans applauded the Pride message. But within days, the station‘s Facebook account was also inundated with hate messages. In response, KKGL announced that it would keep the queer version of its logo until July.

“Week 1 and you just bought yourself an extra month to keep the flag up,” the station wrote. in an article of June 3 as well as screenshots of the anti-gay messages and memes he had received.

“I will not support any company that is in favor of ungodly acts!” a listener wrote. “Being gay or supporting it is the devil’s work [sic]!”

“I reported this sin. You don’t have the right to be gay. God didn’t give you that right,” another wrote.

“Read the Bible,” said another.

“Oh so I woke up,” read another comment.

“The flag remains up for another month, do it,” the station said. written in a July 1 post. “If we lose fans, that’s fine. If we continue to be harassed, it’ll be fine for another month. Besides, Freddie Mercury rules.

This is not the first time that The Eagle, which is owned by Cumulus Media, has extended Pride Month in the face of bigotry. As many Facebook fans have pointed out, last year’s Pride logo drew so many hateful comments, the station I lasted until August.

Fans even greeted this year’s Pride logo with gleeful anticipation of the messy comments to come and typically cavalier responses from The Eagle.

“Can’t wait to see your hater responses like last year, I live for this,” one fan commented.

“Has it been a year already? My time flies, ”wrote another. “I’ll go get some popcorn, y’all start rounding up the sensitive straight guys, I’ll get some burn ointment for the comments section tomorrow.”

“Literally the reason I followed last year,” read another comment. “I can’t wait for the fanatics to rise again, it’s hilarious!

True to its word, KKGL seems ready to keep the Pride logo as long as the hate continues to flow. On Wednesday, the station posted more screenshots of posts, including two accusing them of supporting “pediphelia” and abuse. In response, they simply posted, “Looks like you still have a month.”

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