Build a digital amateur radio and communications library


For years, the Internet Archive has provided the online community with a mind-boggling collection of resources, out-of-print books, magazines, recordings, software, and every other digital asset imaginable in an easily retrievable form. Now, with the help of a grant from the Amateur Radio Digital Communications Foundation, they seek to create a collection that documents amateur radio from its beginnings to the present day.

The work will be multi-faceted and will include the printed and digital materials we expect, as well as personal archives and oral histories of notable radio amateurs. For many of us this will provide a wealth of technical detail and information on the taming of the ionosphere, but for future historians it will be an invaluable reference to the first century of the hobby.

Amateur radio is perhaps the oldest pursuit of hardware hacking in the electronic age, because certainly early radio has been electronic. Thus, the long history of amateur radio has indirectly given us many things that we take for granted today. Sure, it has its moribund aspects, but we believe that if it continues to keep up with the growth of new technologies as it has for so many years, it will continue to be an exciting pursuit. We look forward to perusing these archives, and we hope to see them grow over the years.

Header image: Lescarboura, Austin C. (Austin Celestin), 1891-, No restrictions.

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