Boise radio station decorates halls with 24/7 Christmas music



“When will you start playing Christmas music?” »

Can you believe we received this message via the 107.9 LITE-FM app just seconds after the clock struck 12:00 on November 1? We’re terrible at keeping secrets, so we’re glad we don’t have to keep giving you vague answers like “soon, so soon” or “the elves are in the workshop putting the finishing touches on this playlist. year”.

Today, we can film it through the rooftops! Continuing Christmas favorites returned to Boise and the official Treasure Valley Christmas Music Station. We have officially switched the switch to 24/7 Christmas music at 7:00 a.m. and will continue to play it until Christmas Day on 107.9, on our FREE app and on your smart speakers!

It’s been another intense year in the news and on social media, so we’re thrilled to be a place where you can escape the noise and wrap yourself in the love, hope and joy that Christmas music offers every holiday season.

With the return of Christmas music also comes the return of LITE-FM Christmas Wish where we try to lend a helping hand to our neighbors who are going through tough times ahead of the holidays. The program is completely community driven, so we need your help! Click on HERE to learn more about nominating someone you know or to help us grant wishes by donating through our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

We know for some of you this may seem too soon and we respect that. We’ll be there waiting for you on Black Friday, December 1st or whenever you’re ready to put on your bells!

For those of you who were ready for the big flip, let’s celebrate together today! We’re offering amazing low prices every hour of the workday today. You will also have the chance to win a stocking by downloading the LITE-FM app. Here is a glimpse of what Santa Claus has brought us this year!

107.9 LITE-FM Christmas 2022 Launch Stocking

Continuing Christmas favorites have returned to 107.9 LITE-FM and to celebrate, we’re giving you amazing stockings throughout the first day on the job when the bells fill your desk!

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