Beijing DJ Slowcook on the start of a new independent radio station Baihui Live + Exclusive Mix


Like many young people in China, Slowcook grew up listening to 2000s mandopop stars like Jay Chou and Jolin Cai.

Her musical education began when she was a teenager, buying cassettes and CDs of her favorite music, eventually buying dakou CDs (imported CDs that were treated as foreign plastic waste).

She started going to musical performances as a teenager, going to livehouses to watch emo rock shows, before discovering electronic music when she was in college, citing the historic Beijing Dada nightclub as a place to go. integral music that aroused inspiration.

It wasn’t until she moved to Leeds, England to take a postgraduate course that she started learning to be a DJ and to organize parties. Currently, she runs a gay and egalitarian club night called G2Gather at Beijing nightclub Zhao Dai. Speaking of G2Gather, she says: “Our party is very local and queer, every month there is a different theme inspired by local Chinese queer culture and traditions or a combination with western queer culture, and we get a constant crowd from the LGBTQ community.


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2020 has been a great year for Slowcook. She co-founder of the casual music label DCYY, who released a pair of records called Home fitness 1 and Home fitness 2, with the proceeds from the sale of these discs going to support frontline medical workers and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some of the best Chinese DJs and promoters have been included on the compilations, such as GOOOOOSE, Knopha, and Yu Su, while a plethora of international acts have popped up.

Slowcook also appeared on the Boiler Room System Reboot last year, a series of Boiler Room feeds focusing on how nightlife was getting back on track in 2020, after months of layoffs due to Covid-19 .

Now his new radio Baihui Live Will throw on June 20, with sets by Yu Su, Gong Gong Gong and more. The station claims to serve as a meeting point for expression and a space for music fans to find new sounds. Keep an eye on their social media for more info about this launch.

In anticipation of this launch, Slowcook has prepared an exclusive mix for RADII, mixing some of those early mandopop influences we talked about above with British techno.

All images are courtesy of Slowcook

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