Atlanta radio station questions Hawks leadership


We’re less than a month into the NBA season, and the good catches are already at playoff level. It’s safe to say that the Atlanta Hawks’ front office big bet on Dejounte Murray’s trade has already proven successful.

The Hawks are 7-3 and are coming off the undefeated Milwaukee Bucks last night. Earlier this morning we wrote our five biggest takeaways. Not only did the Hawks eliminate the last undefeated team in the NBA, they did it without Trae Young.

Young missed last night’s game with a bruised shin. In his absence, Murray stepped in and led the Hawks with 25 points and 11 assists. This morning, a popular sports radio show on 92.9 FM The Game sparked a wild debate.

The co-hosts questioned whether the Hawks were better served if Murray was seen as the leader of the team and not Young. You can listen to the entire segment on 92.9 FM The Game website.

“That game last night, Dejounte Murray was a leader. It’s the start of the season, and it’s a bit premature, but you can’t deny watching him be a general on the ground, and that’s not not a hit against Trae. The thing that really jumped out told me he was involving everyone,” says Hugh Douglas.

“You’ve seen what this team could potentially be IF you have a guy on the pitch that involves everyone. It’s a bit disrespectful but you can’t deny what Dejounte Murray was able to do on the pitch last night .”

“Trae has had to carry the team since he showed up,” defends Fricke, “this is the first time he hasn’t had to carry the team; you start to see they don’t maybe only one piece away if they can co-exist.”

Of course, this is an absurd debate. Hawks fans hinted as much in their responses on Twitter. While the vast majority of fans and media disagree with the premise of their argument, we understand that the show has a lot of air time to fill. Murray is a leader and part of the Hawks family. But the Hawks will always be Young’s team.

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