Aroostook Amateur Radio Association offers free HAM radio testing


PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) – The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association held a HAM radio testing event Saturday at the Turner Memorial Public Library.

The event provided an opportunity for new amateur radio users to obtain their technician license, or for current licensees to upgrade to another type of license. While the HAM Radio community has shrunk in size over the years, the use of technology is still significant today.

James Jalbert: “Basically, HAM radio is a form of communication that works over the airwaves. We have our own set of frequencies that we can use. You must be authorized to use HAM Radio. There are different license levels. Big plus on HAM Radio, depending on what license level you are at, you can do local comms, or you can do global comms… The good thing about HAM Radio is when you are in emergency situations , and things are not working like cell towers, internet, different things like that. Through HAM Radio, we always have ways to communicate and ways to get traffic and messages over the airwaves without having to use the internet. »>

It was the last event of the year, but more will take place next year. More information about the Aroostook Amateur Radio Association can be found on their website at

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