ARN won’t build The Edge replacement like a radio station: ‘It will be different’



ARN has revealed more plans for its replacement for Sydney radio station The Edge 96.1 and its associated digital platforms.

TMN recently uncovered plans for the station to be rebranded as Cada.

Although ARN did not confirm the new name, the radio company applied for the trademark. He has also repeatedly confirmed that the new product will target 15-29 year olds.

Talk to TMN Today, the CEO of ARN and its parent company HT&E, Ciaran Davis, said the launch of the new platform was imminent, but pointed out various points of difference from its predecessor.

“We don’t approach it as a radio station,” he said.

This could be Cada’s new logo

“We create content and build a brand that culturally aligns with the interests of [our target demographic]. It’s a very wide range of interests, I understand, but we’ve done pretty extensive research on 18-29 year olds in Australia, and we’re providing a brand and form of content that we know will resonate with them .

“But we don’t do it like you normally would to program a radio station. It will be different…. It will be another form of audio and another form of content that we produce. It’s quite exciting.

Davis said he brought Emily Copeland on board leading the transformation project had given ARN a whole new direction.

“A lot of work has gone into that,” he said of the impending launch.

“Emily and the team have been busy bringing new people into the business [for] a new offer. [It’s] very different from what we have done in the past, but [it has] huge audience potential [and] is an opportunity we’ve been wanting to unlock for a while.

He said the new platform will be launched towards the end of March.

Davis said the launch of the new platform was exciting

Davis also signaled that the relaunch would be done from a “national perspective,” possibly alluding to the station’s broader digital and cross-platform focus now.

The Edge 96.1 on broadcast radio is technically licensed for the Katoomba area in western Sydney / the Blue Mountains.

The potential range of Cada, which leaked to TMN earlier this month features the likes of Flex Mami (Lillian Ahenkan) who has been dubbed “one of the internet’s most charismatic Australians.” The Ghanaian-Australian is an entrepreneur, author, DJ, TV presenter, social commentator, podcaster and influencer.

She appears to be paired with Froomes (Lucinda Price). Froomes is a writer, presenter, podcaster, comedian and content creator, who was formerly “The Face” of Pedestrian.TV.

The new station also appears to have recruited Canberra TikTok star Avneesha. The up-and-coming musician previously worked with ARN as a presenter on his iHeartRadio TikTok Trending station.

Musicians B-Wise (James Iheakanwa), Kian (Kian Maxwell Bytyci Brownfield) and Yaz (Yaz Haddad) also appear on the leaked line-up.

Yaz is a recording artist with King Kyle and previously worked as an announcer at The Edge from 2015 to 2018. He then worked for Grant Broadcasters which was later taken over by ARN.

Another potential program is K-Sera and the Dirty Dozenwho currently plays on The Edge Monday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The new station will be “rooted in hip hop and RnB” and “content-driven, and will reflect a genre of youth culture underserved in commercial radio,” HT&E said in its annual report.

ARN said its plans for The Edge were a “multi-year investment” and announced spending of $8-9 million to relaunch the station and accelerate the creation of its original podcast content.

“We will work with the Australian music industry to create a platform to support artists, labels and promoters, while building a community of passionate music fans,” the report says of his plans for The Edge.

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