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Amateur radio operators celebrate SKY-warn National Appreciation Day

ONALASKA, Wisconsin (WXOW) – The Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association celebrated National Sky-warn Appreciation Day with the La Crosse National Weather Service.

The Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association (MVARA) is a group of amateur radio operators from the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.

During periods of severe weather, amateur radio operators will work in the field and report real-time weather conditions, such as tornado position, flood water height, and wind speed, to the National Weather Service ( NWS).

On SKY-warn Reconnaissance Day, amateur radio operators will make amateur radio contact with other radio operators across the United States and Canadian provinces.

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“Well that means a lot, we take care of our neighbors,” said Wayne Oliver, MVARA member. “We are watching. We are helping the weather service protect people, protect property. This is a big problem.”

Radio operators will exchange information on call signs, signal reports, location and a brief current weather description of that location.

Throughout the day, NWS will follow the contacts established by the operators thanks to an online map.

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