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Mangaluru: A field operation on how to use amateur radio when all other communications are cut off, especially during natural calamities or other disasters, took place at NITK Surathkal.
It was organized by the NITK Amateur Radio Facility, radio call sign VU2REC, in conjunction with Mangalore Amateur Radio Club, at NITK Beach, which ended on Sunday.
This event was part of the ARSI Field Day competition organized by the Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI), where VU2REC is also a life member of the company.
Such field events help keep amateur radio volunteers ready for emergency communications that may be deployed during disaster relief operations.
Licensed volunteer radio amateurs from Mangaluru, Manipal and Udupi participated in this special field event.
Emphasis has been placed on the deployment of emergency communication stations in the HF range of the radio spectrum, which is generally suitable for establishing point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication throughout the world, without depending on any type service provider or agency. These stations are self-sufficient and do not depend on any supporting infrastructure. The beach location provided such a natural setting, where electricity and shelters were absent, simulating a minimalist environment, to become one with the elements.

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