Amateur radio enthusiasts gain new skills after the day in the field


ARCHER CITY, Texas (TNN) – In an emergency, a group of amateur radio enthusiasts want to be prepared.

The Wichita Amateur Radio Society spent nearly 24 hours communicating with other stations across the country, with each member testing their skills over the microphone.

“Basically, it’s emergency preparedness,” said Chuck Schotta, president of the Wichita Amateur Radio Society. “To be able to go into the field under less than optimal conditions, to set up and provide communication services.”

Amateur Radio Field Day has been a national event held annually since the 1970s. Each group will get points based on the number of contacts with other stations established, the type of power source used, and the number of antennas and wires stretched.

The goal is to simulate as many conditions in real time as possible for an emergency because in a real emergency the weather on site is unpredictable.

“It’s a great tool for crossing the country in a state of emergency,” said Chris Bussey, a member of the society.

This is the second day in the field of Bussey with the organization. He was on the radio for most of the event, linking with those from California to Washington DC.

” [It’s] exhausting, but fun to contact people across the country, ”Bussey said.

As the name suggests, no one at the event had professional experience; just a passion, and an FCC license.

“You can talk on the radio at home, you know, and that’s great. But, you know, it’s a lot more fun having a group that you can get together and chat with, ”Schotta said.

The Wichita Amateur Radio Society meets every third Thursday of the month. Click here for more information on the organization and how to get involved.

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