8-Year-Old Uses Dad’s Ham Radio To Chat With Astronaut Aboard ISS


ENGLAND (Gray News/TMX) – An 8-year-old girl from Kent, England, recently made a very long distance call to the International Space Station.

Isabella Payne used her father’s amateur radio to contact the ISS on August 2.

His call was answered by NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, commander of NASA SpaceX Crew-4, which launched April 27 for a scheduled six-month mission.

“My name is Isabella, I’m 8 years old,” she told the radio.

“Isabella it’s so great to chat with you, thank you for answering the radio and saying hello,” Lindgren replied.

Lindgren tweeted that he’s spoken to radio amateurs around the world, but “this might be my favorite contact so far.”

“Thank you so much @astro_kjell you changed her world,” Isabella’s father Matthew tweeted.

Amateur radio, also known as amateur radio, uses small frequency bands and is limited to non-commercial purposes.

According to the International Amateur Radio Union, there are more than 3 million licensed operators worldwide.

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